ESCAPE TO THE TOP (Flykten till Östermalm)

Escape to the top

The comedy-drama “Flykten till Östermalm” (“Escape to the top”) follows a Kurdish family from Malmoe who inherit a huge amount of money and decide to try the upper class life in a posh area of Stockholm. But they soon realize that life in Sweden’s richest neighborhood brings with it a ton of problems, strange secrets and unwritten rules that no one seems to have perfect control over – not even those who have lived there for decades. Culture clashes are maximized in all directions, and the privileged but clumsy upper class turns out to have a lot to learn from the new, foreign and colorful Mursa family.

This TV-series was created by Sven Melander and Paolo Vacirca for SVT and was broadcasted 2023. Directed by Adi Omanovic and Mak Omanovic.

Season 2 of the show is now in production.