Scandinavian Content Group was founded in March 2019 as a merger between The Broadcast Family, We And The Monkeys and Bright Pictures, and later with storytellers Pagale to become a home for ideas and a hub for development and production. Our focus is to manage and nurture IP by telling stories of Scandinavian origin that are relevant to the whole world.

Our commitment has expanded to become a content company creating and producing scripted drama series, feature films and documentary films for networks and streaming platforms. We combine the power of delivering a good story to a global audience with a vision for a more inclusive and diverse entertainment industry.

Hans Engholm SCG’s Managing Director “Although our new company has a brief history, our founders together have a long and successful career in founding numerous important companies including TV4, Eyeworks Sweden (today Warner Brothers) and Filmlance.

The entertainment industry relies on content. Unique content that reflects and is influenced by storytellers representing a diverse world. Scandinavian Content Group has a mission of being top of mind for young and aspiring talent as well as thoroughbred writers with the ambition to reach out with their story. We do this with our inclusive culture, attentiveness and an honest curiosity in people. We strive to have easy access to our organization and we like to share our passion with an extended family.

Through our accelerator program fresh talent meets with experienced mentors to polish their writing, develop their story and outline a strategy for their project to evolve into a complete and sellable script. By sharing our knowledge and network we remove the problem with gatekeepers and unleash the potential of newcomers to reach the next level.