A successful TV host is going on a rollercoaster ride of his own after being exposed for faking paranormal discoveries in a ghost-hunting show. Desperate, he decides to live-stream a new investigation at an infamous Raven Castle.

“Gone Ghosting” is a popular ghost hunting team that earned millions from live broadcasts and selling merch. One day, their cameraman leaves and leaks evidence that Alex faked the investigations. Lise, Catta, Sandro, and Polly join the group to live-stream a ghost hunt to prove that everything is real. They break into a place where legend says everyone has died and do the craziest broadcast ever live.

Cinema premiere on August 25, 2023 in Sweden.

Director: Oskar Mellander
Writers: Paolo Vacirca, Henry Stenberg and Joakim Lundell
Cast: Fanny Klefelt, Vincent Grahl, Annica Liljeblad and William Wasberg.

“By expanding into horror, we aim to further showcase the range and depth of Scandinavian films. At SCG, we are focusing on commercial success: We are not interested in telling high-brow stories that are dependent on government funding, which unfortunately most Swedish films are,” Paolo Vacirca states.
(Article in Variety, 2023)